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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Bollywood actress and models have gone without clothes for magazines, for a movie scene or just for a lark. Sometimes, the clothes have dropped from their body in a classic case of wardrobe malfunction. For instance, Dimple Kapadia's towel slipping act in Saagar, was perhaps the beginning of wardrobe malfunction. So here are some of the controversial and rare Bollywood women exposing pictures or pictures where Bollywood actresses have gone without clothes.

Here are the pictures of Bollywood actress who have gone a step in showing their assets. We would like to call them as actresss who have blown 'their top' Readers, this is going to be a long pleasurable ride. You can go to the bathroom later :)

Mamta Kulkarni: Mamta Kulkarni covered her bare assets in the Stardust cover. Though what she showed is nothing in today's world of exposing, Mamta Kulkarni was the controversial actress of early 90s due to her top less act in Stardust.

Varsha Usgaonkar: Varsha Usgaonkar went bare for a magazine cover during the 90s, stirring a controversy

Bipasha Basu posed without clothes for a photo shoot with Milind Suman. That time Bipasha's assets weren't so big, as you can see.

Model Jesse Randhawa and Khatron Ke Khiladi finalist showed her bare assets for a photo session. Must admit those assets look shapely and beautiful and more on the bigger side compared to what models usually have.

Rakhi Sawant posed without clothes also much before her Swayamvar happened.

Actress Trishna decided to follow what Mamta Kulkarni did with the same regular teasing picture of covering her handful assets. However, Trisha didnt' get the same fame as Mamta Kulkarni did.

If you think Koena Mitra was the hottest in Maxim pictures, think again. Koena Mitra's hottest picture is this one, where she covered her hands with box gloves and forgot to cover her famous Koena Mitra assets

This has got to be the most provocative picture of Kamal Sidhu. For some reason, though she is without a strand of clothing, Kamal Sidhu looks sexy, without being vulgar. True, masterpiece picture

Helen Brodie showed her awesome body beautiful but conveniently covered her melons. Of course, she showed them in Monsoon. Assets come for a price, don't they?

Actress Farheen did a Demi Moore Strip tease pose, even before the Hollywood actress did something of that sort

Farheen did not stop at this, she bettered it with a 'think about what they look like' pose

Madhu Sapre and Milind Soman in the buff picture for Tuff Shoes was very controversial in the 90s, so much that the two had to face the wrath of law and self-appointed moral police.

Pooja Bedi covered her melon in a provocative pose. Just Pooja or lust Pooja?

Lisa Ray has always believed in being inhibition free.God bless her

Deepti Bhatnagar showed everything in one of the sequences in Operation Black Cobra

Sushma Reddy and Meghna Reddy have exposed rather aesthetically. The two sisters are no where as well-endowed as Sameera Reddy

Padma Lakshmi is allergic to clothes, we dare say,; she has always believed in going the buff way. Here is one of the many hot pictures of Padma Lakshmi where she has left nothing to imagination. Check out Padma Lakshmi's hot burger ad where she makes love to a burger!

Can you believe Himani Shivpuri going backless to such an extent that you can even get a hint of her derriere without clothes? Yes, Himani Shivpuri has exposed more than needed in a movie called Prem Granth

Please don't let your Babuji see this picture of Yana Gupta giving a hint of her lovely assets in a bare-dare picture

Does Riya Sen really brush her teeth this way? Or does she sleep in the buff? Do not take your imagination on an overdrive. This is Riya Sen's hottest picture where she posed with just a towel covering her assets for a Daboo Ratnani calendar...

Tara Sharma posed without clothes for a hot picture. Truly hot!

Shruti Sharma was not wearing anything in a hot, steamy scene in Tezaab Acid of Love, a poor copy of Murder starring Mallika Sherawat.

Model Diandra Soares posed without clothes in one of her photo sessions

Everyone knows about Carol Gracias wardrobe malfunction, but that was not the only place where she went oops... This is the hot picture of Carol Gracias with her little babies, before wardrobe malfunction came our way

Model Maushmi Udeshi has also gone without clothes to make us think about what lies beneath!

Negar Khan's wardrobe malfunctions and nipslips are well known. This is one of the rare aesthetic and hot picture of Nigar Khan where the prominent places were covered with flower petals. Touche. Check out Nigar Khan bikini pictures

Twin assets of Zeenat Aman were really 'satyam shivam sundaram' as for Mandikini's asset show under the waterfall made things wet..(we meant the rocks)

Anu Aggarwal went without clothes gave a hint of her assets through a transparent dress in one of her photosession. Do not mistake the grandma's undies that looks so out of place, just confirming the fact that Bollywood actresses wear white undies or chaddis She even did a top less scene in the movie Cloud door.

Kangana Ranaut 'ran out' of clothes here. Kangana Ranaut rather posed without clothes for 'Boss I love You' the movie which was shelved.

Dimple Kapadia didn't intend to, but her clothes slipped and the lovely Bollywood actress was seen without clothes for a split second in the movie Saagar

Kashmira Shah felt cheated, when she was caught on camera without clothes in a bathing scene. Kashmira Shah said that she would have appreciated frankness from the director and if the director had said that he wanted to shoot Kashmira Shah's side view of her bust, she would have worked out to give her melons, more shape. But then then history is Revathi and Revathi is history

Nandana Sen also said that she was offended when she was shot backless with a two second view of assets, without her permission.

Mallika Sherawat's talked about melons have a blink and miss scene in the movie Myth.

Bomb shell Sherlyn Chopra who is also allergic to clothes, has gone without clothes many times This is one of the rare and probably the hottest picture of Sherlyn Chopra without clothes.

Aishwarya Rai's bums or rather the provocative shape of bums was the only highlight of Last Legion.

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