Bollywood Heroines without Clothes

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Let us look at Bollywood actresses without clothes in 2010. Some of them did it in real life, some did in the movies and some did online. The good thing is in the movies, the exposure was aesthetic Okay,here we go:
1. Sherlyn Chopra: Sherlyn Chopra without clothes on Twitter was a big rage, and though Twitter pulled her pictures down, the demand continued. Finally, the bindas babe apologized and became a bit conservative but by then, her popularity stakes had increased making Sherlyn Chopra one of the hottest women online.

2. Mallika Sherawat was without clothes for Hisss, a movie that she banked heavily on. Since the content was low and the movie had bad production values, it bombed. Here is more information on why Mallika Sherawat was without clothes for Hisss.

3. Bipasha Basu without clothes for New York Lotto ad: The old ghosts came haunting back to Bipasha Basu. An ad that she had done ten years later surfaced on Youtube. Bipasha Basu without clothes was a big thing and that Youtube videos and the re-uploaded videos were viewed a lot; the Bong babe did not know which way to look; and just blamed on her lack of camera sense at that time.

4. Aruna Shields without clothes for Mr and Mrs. Mehta: Only Aruna Shields agreed to go buff for the role that most actresses said no. Though it was a bold move by the Prince actress, the scenes were pixelated and censored.

5. Neetu Chandra without clothes for The Apartment: Neetu Chandra in the bathroom scene was projected to be a hot one, but it was no big deal, and the actress kept us guessing about what she wore or didn't

6. Yana Gupta without clothes at a charity event: We promise, we wouldn't embarrass her again, but this one really takes the cake and the bakery. Yana Gupta without clothes, had an embarassing moment when she forgot her inner-wear at the event.  The benefit however was Yana became an instant star, due to the conveniently placed 'star'. Some people even said that it was a publicity stunt and Yana was wearing skin colored clothing inside.

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